Frequently asked questions

There will be a range of expanded and new services, including more GPs and medical services, an expanded range of allied health services, and a new dental service. 

This has not been confirmed yet, but will likely support offices and other teams. It will continue to provide Community with the current range of medical services until the new building opens.

We intend to open the new facility in early 2025.

We are committed to ensuring the least disruption to existing patient services. However, a project of this scale requires a significant construction zone that will be off-limits to BDAC’s usual operations. Staff and patients will be notified in advance when alterations to traffic management, parking, or service delivery are required. 

Yes! We have a number of our medical staff and staff who will be working in the new facility helping to provide feedback on what is needed. 

Yes, there are opportunities for Community to provide feedback throughout the project build and participate in feedback activities.